Dorian Crook

Notable stand-up comic and ATC, Dorian Crook’s personal site. Jim’s mate, Dorian Crook, would come on stage wearing a tweed suit and a cravat and tell one-liners. On every punchline, the audience would shout, ‘Fuck off, Toff!’ and Dorian would reply, ‘Why, thank you.’ Bob Mortimer: And Away

Michael Sanders – Investigations into Future Archaeology

Sculptor and photographer Michael Sanders is a UK based artist working from a former military airfield in Lincolnshire, England. His practice often subverts the everyday: as the blundering nuclear tourist he makes gentle interventions at former Cold War and nuclear sites, using tartan and textiles to challenge and re-appropriate the imagery and symbolism of military … Continue reading “Michael Sanders – Investigations into Future Archaeology”

Jean Cazals

Award winning French Food Photographer Jean Cazals has shot all your favourite chefs. Catalogue of all his past work and books. Mobile friendly

Outside World

Artist C.A. Halpin’s renowned Shoreditch gallery, now sadly close, showing an eclectic mix of Outsider Art including many of her own wonderful paintings and mixed media.