Lykouria is an award winning, international architectural design studio. ‘It is important to make things which specifically belong to our times. Not made simple but made clear. We are looking for clarity not reduction.’ This site reflects that philosophy.


Improvisers of industrial ambience Ampersand use found and recycled objects such as discarded pianos, corrugated iron, shell casings, oil drums, broken keyboards , scaffold and blow torches Plink! Bonk! Crash!

Slush Brothers

The Slush Brothers dispense fine fresh fruit cocktails from adapted Slush machines, and hit the town with their converted Ice cream van to deliver drinks to your party

Population TV

CGI 3D interface with video showreel and secure client demo area for commercial music composers Population TV


Original site for guitarist Stephen Dale Petit’s first album, Guitararama When he talks about the Blues, one can tell guitarist Stephen Dale Petit is a man driven by a love for this most vital genre of music from which most modern guitar music is directly descended.

Simple Kid

Simple Kid, the talking brain; a unique web site and stand alone application using an Artificial Intelligence model developed in-house. The visitor is able to coherently interrogate a virtual representation of the artist’s brain on a variety of topics. Winner of B.T. Internet Music Awards, featured on Radio 1 and exhibited at the Institute of … Continue reading “Simple Kid”

Amnesty International

Promotional site and interactive installation for an Amnesty International event at the I.C.A. October 2003 to support the International Arms Control campaign. Five days of music, film, art and talks curated by BBC DJs Zane Lowe, Jo Whiley, The Dreem Teem, Verity Sharp and Fiona Talkington Included an on-site interactive installation where visitors, both on-line … Continue reading “Amnesty International”

Deviant Records

Now defunct Deviant Records, home to Paul van Dyk, DJ Sammy, Spooky, Ashtrax, and Witchman was one of the largest independent dance labels. This 2001 site, innovative in its time, included revamps of many old arcade games. Now preserved for posterity. RIP Rob Deacon

Primal Scream

Created in 2000 the award winning site for top jock rockers Primal Scream for the album XTRMNTR. The site is now featured in the digital archive at the Museum for Applied Arts in Frankfurt.